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All-in-one tool that redefines business management for you and your team

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BizEdge People

Human Resource Management For The Changing World Of Work

One-stop shop for your employee records, time-off, training, benefits, document storage, insights and more

human resource
time and attendance

Time & Attendance

Track Employee Attendance & Improve Productivity

Set up an efficient clock-in and clock-out tool for your employees, whether they work on-site or they work remotely.

time and attendance
shift & rota

BizEdge Shift & Rota

Simplify Shift Planning & Create Rotas In Minutes

Effortlessly create and manage employee schedules. Publish and share shift schedules in one click.

shift rota
task app

BizEdge Task & Projects

The Ultimate Team Task Organiser

Assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress, and collaborate in real time. Get more done, faster!

tasks app
recruit app

BizEdge Recruit

Simplify Hiring And Succeed With Our Recruitment Tool

From posting job openings to making the perfect offer, we've got your recruitment covered.

recruit app

BizEdge Assets & Vehicle

Intelligent Asset Management

Get full visibility of all your company assets, their status, location, and who's using what. Manage maintenance, services and documentation in one place.



Elevate Employee Performance And Drive Business Success

Identify your top performers, and ensure operational excellence with features covering goals, competencies, feedback, upward and peer-to-peer.


Collaboration & employee Experience like never before. Empower your employees with a customizable self service app

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Why People Love BIzEdge

Lilian Ofere-Nosakhare

BizEdge helps us effortlessly track the gender distribution among our employees, ensuring an inclusive, diverse and well-balanced team.

Cutstruct Technology Limited

Jude Ikechukwu

The BizEdge suite; especially the People, Asset, and Payroll apps, helps us streamline our workforce management effortlessly.

Zara Capital

Oluwagbenga Orolu

The user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and use is one reason BizEdge is a good fit for our company.

Salvo Agency

‘With BizEdge My Work Life Has
Never Been Easier”

Joe Thomas

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You have got questions we got answers

What is BizEdge?

BizEdge is a suite of business management tools, ranging from HR, payroll, recruitment, time & attendance to task management, and many more, that simplifies and automates business processes for businesses and teams.

What is the BizEdge Suite made of?

BizEdge suite is made up of apps that interact with each other such as: Core HR, Attendance, Performance, Shift-rota, Recruits, Assets, Task & Projects, Employee self-service and many more.

Who can use BizEdge?

Owners of small to large businesses, business executives, heads of departments, managers, freelancers e.t.c

How do I get started?

Bizedge has an easy and self-sign up process. Enter your email address, create a strong password and click on sign up. Input your necessary business information to personalise your account and get started..

How do I download the BizEdge mobile app?

Our mobile app is available for download on Android and IOS app stores.

How much does BizEdge cost?

BizEdge is subscription-based and has a flexible pricing plan with monthly, or annual payment. See our price planhere

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