A suite of tools for
growing businesses.

Manage all your business operations in one place,
from anywhere and on any device.


Smart &

We have created an all-in-one tool that redefines business
management for you and your team. giving you more
time to focus on what matters most.


As seen


People management just got easier!

Save Time, Get Better Insights.

We know that your people are the most important assets in your organization because when your people grow, your business grows

A one-stop shop for employee experience.

Encourage a healthy work culture and environment amidst employees. MyEdge was designed to give employees an amazing experience at the organization they work

FREE accounting for businesses and teams

We have simplified accounting for small businesses.

Our Accounting module has been designed to make bookkeeping and accounting tasks seamless so anyone can DO IT.

Say GOODBYE to manual payroll!

Save Time, Get Better Insights.

We have automated and streamlined the entire process so that Payroll is no longer a painful and tedious task thereby improving accuracy

Create error-free business document with a few clicks

Choose from over 10 templates.

Employment letters, business proposals, contracts and much more

Find businesses ready to serve your business

We want to bridge the gap between you and the professional service providers your business needs

Keep track of all your assets, automate maintenance.

Start automating maintenance and reports

Get full visibility with our asset and vehicle management modules.

Coming Soon.

Our robust mobile app synchronizes all your operations so you can keep running your business on the GO!


You have got questions we got answers

What is BizEdge?

BizEdge is a suite of business management tools that simplifies and automates business processes for businesses and teams.

What is the BizEdge Suite made of?

BizEdge suite is made up of 7 core modules that interact with each other. Click here to the product page

Who can use BizEdge?

Owners of small to large businesses, business executives, heads of departments, managers, freelancers e.t.c

How do I get started?

Bizedge has an easy and self-sign up process. Enter your email address, create a strong password and click on sign up. Input your necessary business information to personalise your account and get started..

How do I download the BizEdge mobile app?

Our mobile app is coming soon on Android and IOS app store

How much does BizEdge cost?

Most of the modules on Bizedge are FREE to use. However, the People, Payroll and Myegde modules are premium and are paid for per employee. Learn more about our pricing here