Maximising Efficiency with Our Employee Clock-In Feature

Efficient time management is essential for both employers and employees. That’s why we’re excited to …

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User Access Levels on BizEdge

The BizEdge app has a user access level functionality where the admins can give employees …

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Getting started with MyEdge

To get started with MyEdge (Employee Self-Service App), you must have been granted access by …

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Home screen for employee self service

Simplify Work Life with MyEdge

MyEdge is a comprehensive employee self-service app that centralizes essential work-related functionalities into one user-friendly platform.

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Simplified task management for teams

Simplified Task Management for Teams

BizEdge Task App is a user-friendly task management application that allows individuals and teams to organise, prioritise, and track tasks effectively.

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How to prepare payroll on BizEdge

How to Prepare Payroll Using BizEdge

Pay your employees, and make necessary additions and deductions seamlessly and on time.

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How to update employees' job details on BizEdge (Mobile)

How to Update Employees’ Job Details and Compensation

While updating employee information can be done in the People app or from the employee’s …

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Setting up time off policy

Setting Up Time Off Policy on Your Mobile App

The time off section allows you to create a new time off for an organisation …

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How to Make Deductions and Add Allowances on BizEdge Payroll

How to Make Deductions and Add Allowances on BizEdge (Mobile)

With the BizEdge mobile app, compensation is made easy. Make necessary deductions and add allowances …

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